Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide: Tips for Staying Comfortable This Month

At first glance, pregnancy and summer may seem a terrible mismatch. For women already uncomfortably warm while they’re expecting, the prospect of additional heat and humidity may seem like a recipe for a mini-inferno. However, despite the additional challenges to keep cool, the benefits of fresh air and the freedom of being outdoors can provide healthy boosts both psychologically and physically to ease the strain of your last few weeks before delivery.

To help ease your struggle, here are some cooling tips to help you stay comfortable and healthy in the later stages of your pregnancy. Try some or all of these as needed to cruise through the summer months.


Summer maternity wear

Compared with winter maternity clothes, your summer options can be much more affordable. These additions to your closet may be many or few, depending on how long you’ll be pregnant through the dog days of summer. Keep these points in mind as you plan your warm-weather wardrobe.

Keep a light touch

Stay with lightweight, natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk, and linen.

Right for your body

Choose dress styles that feel and look good on your expecting body, since some designs may not work or wear the same as with your pre-pregnancy shape.

No tight fits

Keep clothes loose and stretchy to accommodate your expanding belly.

Swelling during pregnancy

Speaking of swollen feet, that can be a major problem for some expecting mothers, and as your feet go, so goes your enjoyment of your pregnancy. If you’re more active in the summer months, the strain on your feet may require some extra attention while you’re carrying.

Balancing salt intake is important. Too much salt can cause fluid retention, but iodized salt provides a crucial mineral for both you and your growing baby, so too little is also less than ideal. Take stock of your diet and how much sodium you’re consuming, both as an addition to food and as an ingredient in processed foods.

Put your feet up whenever you have the chance. Elevating your legs lets gravity assist in fluid drainage. Relaxing during the hottest hours of the day is a great idea anyway, so throw a cool, wet cloth over your neck, find a comfortable chair with support for your legs, and rest your way through the heat.

Summer pregnancy skin care

If you’re brunette or you have naturally dark skin, you’re more at risk of developing unwanted dark spots, since a skin pigment called melanin responds to the changing hormonal conditions in your body. However, even fair women can experience these changes.

Sunscreen applied several times daily and wide brimmed hats are the first lines of defense. Stay aware of the local ultraviolet light index and avoid being outside in the sun between 10am and 2pm, usually the period of maximum UV exposure. Not only will you prevent skin spots, you’ll be avoiding the worst heat of the day.

Pregnancy can be a rich and rewarding time of your life. Don’t let something as simple as summer weather interfere with your experience. If you have any concerns or questions about your pregnancy, contact my office online or by phone to set up an appointment.

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